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The Gardens of Remembrance

Whenever you visit West Herts Crematorium we hope you will find an atmosphere of peace, reverence, reflection and comfort. Our Gardens of Remembrance are set in more than eleven acres, and have been carefully designed to make three distinct areas. Our intention is to offer unique characteristics in each garden so that all of our visitors can find the appropriate contemplative space.

To preserve the overall look of the Gardens of Remembrance

We ask that families do not place personal items or trinkets at memorials. The Crematorium cannot be held responsible for these items as the Gardens are open seven days a week. These items may also be damaged during general maintenance of the memorials (i.e. mowing or strimming).

Placing of flowers at memorials should be kept to a minimum i.e. birthdays and anniversaries and the Gardens will be cleared of all but fresh flowers on a Friday morning. Any flowers left on Mothering Sunday or Fathers’ day will be left for an additional week. Any Christmas flowers or wreaths will be left until 12th Night.

Please note: No dogs (except for registered assistance dogs) are permitted in the grounds.

Set in more than eleven acres, our gardens offer three quite different contemplative spaces:

The Woodland Area

The inner section of our gardens has been developed as a light woodland area, with a selection of Memorial Shrub Beds planted with azaleas and rhododendrons. It is possible to select a shrub or tree and dedicate it as a token of remembrance. The woodland area has also been planted with a selection of spring flowering bulbs, which offer a spectacular display.

Formal Gardens

The outer section of our gardens has been landscaped with particular emphasis on a fine selection of rose bushes. West Herts Crematorium can arrange for the dedication of a particular rose bush as a lasting memorial to a loved one.

Baby and Infant Memorial Garden

In recent years we have created an area of quiet contemplation dedicated to the memory of babies and infants. A great deal of thought has been given to the landscaping of the garden and the attention to detail has created a beautiful and tranquil setting. This garden has been designed to serve as a fitting memorial to all the babies and infants and, for this reason, we do not allow individual dedications or ashes to be placed in this garden.


The Crematorium welcomes and appreciates donations that help us maintain and enhance the floral beauty of the Gardens of Remembrance, which includes the Bluebell Woods and Woodland areas ... read more about Donations to the Garden Memorial and Bulb Scheme