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Customer Care Policy

Our commitment to you

  • You will receive a quality service provided by competent, caring and professional staff.
  • Your enquiries will be treated in a fair and sensitive manner
  • We will organise and conduct a cremation in a sympathetic and orderly manner, respecting your need for privacy and dignity.
  • We will recognise and fulfil your special needs without discrimination of any kind.
  • We will conduct all of our services in accordance with a Code of Practice.
  • We will offer you a Book of Remembrance memorial entry, set in the Book of Remembrance chapel where you will be provided with a designated place for your own cut flowers and pot plants.
  • We will offer you additional types of memorial for placement in designated areas within the crematorium.
  • We will set out our fees clearly and explain them to you if necessary.
  • We will provide, on request, a location sheet showing where cremated remains and memorials are situated.
  • We will provide, on request, a copy of our grounds maintenance standard.
  • We will provide the means for you to make a complaint if you are dissatisfied with the service we provide.
  • You will receive a prompt response, in plain language, to any form of communication with our staff together with the reasons for the actions taken by them.
  • We will consult regularly with you and our co-providers (funeral directors, ministers, officiators and patient affairs officers) to determine satisfaction levels and encourage comment.
  • We will provide details of the outcome of these consultations to local publications together with any actual or planned improvements in our service.  

Your choices

  • You may choose the day and time of a cremation service and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • You may choose the type of music and ceremony at the cremation service.
  • You may choose a religious or non-religious service.
  • You may choose to organise and conduct a cremation without the use of a funeral director and we will be pleased to advise you.
  • You may choose the type and design of coffin, subject to prior consultation with us.
  • You can request written information about:
    • using a funeral director
    • our detailed operational service standards
    • all known environmental issues relating to cremation services, and
    • regulations relating to cremation services
  • You may choose to inspect the crematorium at any reasonable time by arrangement.  

Your opinion

We set high standards at West Herts, and endeavour to adhere to them at all times. However, I would be most pleased to receive any comments and suggestions that you feel are appropriate. Please ask for a 'Customer satisfaction survey' form to complete and return to me.

Thank you.

Manager and Registrar,
West Herts Crematorium